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Mission Statement


The Gorge Parish Council purpose is to represent the interests of the communities of Coalbrookdale; Coalport; Ironbridge; Jackfield and Lightmoor by providing strong links, assistance and support to all residents. 


To maintain and develop all that is worthwhile within the community. 


The Gorge Parish Council will provide a high quality service and will be professional, accountable, proactive and responsive, inclusive and transparent.

Telford & Wrekin Local Plan

Local Plan incl. Development in The Gorge

The Borough Council's Local Plan sets out the priorities and policies for development in Telford and Wrekin in relation to housing, green space, shops, businesses, transport and community facilities including where development could go until 2031.

Proposed Development

Lincoln Hill


106 homes are proposed to be built on the site of The Beeches.

The 106 homes would essentially be built on the land between The Beeches Hospital and Lincoln Hill (the paddock area to the left and to the right of the access driveway to the hospital ) as well as converting the hospital buildings.

There are no precise site plans for the site so there are no details as yet of a precise layout.

The number of 106 homes may change (up or down) when the site is designed in detail, but is intended to keep around about that number.

90 homes have already been approved by Telford & Wrekin on the site opposite The Beeches Hospital around Forbes Close.

Woodside Avenue

There is also a proposed site for 148 homes off Woodside Avenue (adjoining Rough Park) that was identified as part of the recent Madeley Neighbourhood Plan and is proposed within the Local Plan.

Roberts Road

In the previous consultation, a site for 40 homes off of Roberts Road was suggested. This is no longer proposed in the Local Plan, but that does not in itself prevent an application being submitted for development at some later date.

The Local Plan is just that, a plan that may change in detail.

Have Your Say - Online

It's open for you to comment on until the 25th September.

There's information at

You can add your voice and comment on the proposed local plan here:

Consultation Meeting -14th September

You can attend the local public consultation at the Coalbrookdale Community Centre on the 14th September at 7pm.

Wharfage | Pride in Your High Street

The Gorge Parish Council is helping facilitate debate on bids for the Pride in Your High Street Fund.

A summary of some potential projects is outlined here. [also downloadable here]

Some of these were proposed at the meeting in May, others have been suggested by residents and traders not able to make that meeting.

A quick attempt to match the projects to the selection criteria that Telford and Wrekin will use to assess bids is added and also included are a few questions that spring to my mind about the projects.

Other general questions that will need to be answered are who will be the applicant, who will be the accountable body, where will the 10% match funding come from?

There's links to the criteria and application forms for both the High St Fund and the Innovation Fund for your information.

You may also find this web site useful – lots of ideas on how to revitalise town centres - 100-ways-to-help-your-highstreet

With regard to other concerns raised at the meeting that can't be addressed through this funding stream, the Parish Council is progressing those issues. In particular, the various traffic issues are being discussed with T&W Council and the police and we will update you soon on possible courses of action.

TGPC also propose to hold a 'walkabout' with residents and businesses to look at the various environmental issues. This will be advertised in the next Gorge Gazette as we wish to offer the opportunity for such walkabouts to residents and businesses in other parts of the Gorge.

Thank you for your continuing interest and support. All feedback is very welcome.

Carolyn Healy – Ironbridge and Coalbrookdale Ward

Jackfield Stabilisation Project

You're invited to join the Jackfield Stabilisation Project Team at the next drop in session; the event will take place from 2pm until 7.30pm on Tuesday 9th June in Jackfield Village Hall.

The project team and contractors will be available to answer any queries you have and explain current plans and drawings. Neal, the Project Manager, will be giving a brief presentation at 4.30pm and again at 6.30pm, summarising the work on site since the last drop in session (September 2014), and what is planned for the next few months. There will also be an opportunity to view the site from Church Road, Neal requests that you sign in at the Village Hall before going to the viewing point.

Information on the project including newsletters and plans can be accessed via this link:

If you have any queries please contact Neal on 01952 433 935 and, Colin Pitcher (Assistant Project Manager) on 01952 433 935 and, or me using the details below:

Valerie Hastie

Project Administrator, Jackfield Stabilisation Project

Structures and Geotechnics

Neighbourhood and Customer Services

Telford & Wrekin Council

Whitechapel House

Whitechapel Way


Correspondence address: Darby House | Lawn Central | Telford | TF3 4JA

Tel: 01952 433 935


Contact Your Parish Council

The Parish Council Office is Open: 2pm to 5pm: Tuesdays | 9am to 1pm: Wednesdays & Thursdays.

If you would like to see the Clerk, it is preferable to phone ahead.

Telephone: 01952 883192

Your Parish Councillors are listed here.

You can email the Clerk to the Council at

Please address your correspondence to:

Mrs Jayne Madeley BA FILCM - Clerk
The Gorge Parish Council
Unit C22
Maws Craft Centre
Jackfield. Telford

Directions to the Parish Office can be found here.

  • Chairman: H Oldershaw
  • Vice Chairman: M Bragg
  • Severn Gorge Countryside Trust: M Bragg
  • CICCA Management Committee: C Healy
  • Coalport Village Hall Management Committee: T Hobson
  • Jackfield Residents Association: No longer in existence.
  • Lightmoor Village Residents Association: P Rhoden
  • WHS Strategy Group: K Osmund-Smith and H Oldershaw
  • Christmas Lights Group: H Oldershaw/C Healy
  • Allotments Committee: T Hobson
  • Personnel Committee: C Healy, T Hobson and P Rhoden.
  • Grievance Committee: H Oldershaw, M Bragg and K Osmund-Smith
  • Ironbridge Gorge Walking Festival: H Oldershaw
  • Ironbridge Gorge Traders Association: No longer in existence
  • Communications: No longer required
  • Jackfield Village Hall: S Hodge
  • Walkers are Welcome: H Oldershaw
  • Jackfield Stabilisation Steering Group: K Osmund-Smith and S Hodge.
  • Any other groups:

Ironbridge Parking Permits

You can read the Terms & Conditions for Ironbridge Car Parking Permit here.

Update from Telford & Wrekin Council on the renewal of residents parking permits

We have decided to extend the current permits until the end of July to give us a larger window to issue new permits. We will be getting notices out on site in the very near future.

In terms of what we are giving, nothing changes for residents in terms of eligibility, other than we will be putting a sliding scale in for permit durations. This will mean some residents will have 2 years and then every 50-60 permits we issue, we will then add on a month to the duration for the next batch. The reason for this is that we then avoid needing to renew 700 permits in one month and spread the workload out over the year. This will then also apply to new permits, so instead of having a fixed end date like before, new applications still have three years from application.

Residents can apply now on the phone for their new permit through 01952384000 and we are also trying to get a web form up and running which we will communicate to residents when it is operational which will reduce the need to contact the call centre.

We now have new permits in stock, so will start issuing replacements for requests we have queued in the coming week.

This message will be repeated on the car parks with notices very soon and published in the next Gorge Gazette.

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