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Mission Statement


The Gorge Parish Council purpose is to represent the interests of the communities of Coalbrookdale; Coalport; Ironbridge; Jackfield and Lightmoor by providing strong links, assistance and support to all residents. 


To maintain and develop all that is worthwhile within the community. 


The Gorge Parish Council will provide a high quality service and will be professional, accountable, proactive and responsive, inclusive and transparent.

Contact Your Parish Council

The Parish Council Office is Open: 2pm to 5pm: Tuesdays | 9am to 1pm: Wednesdays & Thursdays.

If you would like to see the Clerk, it is preferable to phone ahead.

Telephone: 01952 883192

Your Parish Councillors are listed here.

You can email the Clerk to the Council at

Please address your correspondence to:

Mrs Jayne Madeley BA FILCM - Clerk
The Gorge Parish Council
Unit C22
Maws Craft Centre
Jackfield. Telford

Directions to the Parish Office can be found here.
Ironbridge Parking Permits

You can read the Terms & Conditions for Ironbridge Car Parking Permit here.

Update from Telford & Wrekin Council on the renewal of residents parking permits

We have decided to extend the current permits until the end of July to give us a larger window to issue new permits. We will be getting notices out on site in the very near future.

In terms of what we are giving, nothing changes for residents in terms of eligibility, other than we will be putting a sliding scale in for permit durations. This will mean some residents will have 2 years and then every 50-60 permits we issue, we will then add on a month to the duration for the next batch. The reason for this is that we then avoid needing to renew 700 permits in one month and spread the workload out over the year. This will then also apply to new permits, so instead of having a fixed end date like before, new applications still have three years from application.

Residents can apply now on the phone for their new permit through 01952384000 and we are also trying to get a web form up and running which we will communicate to residents when it is operational which will reduce the need to contact the call centre.

We now have new permits in stock, so will start issuing replacements for requests we have queued in the coming week.

This message will be repeated on the car parks with notices very soon and published in the next Gorge Gazette.

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